Things to know about USB backpack

Ever since the invention of modern day technology, we have been seen more and more technological evolutions. The benefit of technology is that it is continually making life easier. Take the mobile phone for example, in the past this technology was just about communication and over the years it has evolved to become a device that many people depend on. Apart from communication, they enable some people to work on the go too. Another crucial technology that is vital in everyday life today is the laptop.

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More and more people are now laptop owners, from high school and college students to working class professionals. These gadgets have become an important aspect in people’s day to day work. For those whose work involves being online most of the time and communicating, then they value their tech gadgets a lot.

A major downside about these gadgets is that they require to be charged so as to be able to function. Imagine how frustrating it can be when you have a work deadline and your laptop’s battery is dying out and there is no electricity. Or you are on safari or just outdoors enjoying nature taking photos and just then your camera shuts down. Very frustrating, is it not?

This however is now a problem of the past thanks to the invention of yet another technological advancement which is far from the ordinary gadgets. The technology is the smart USB backpack solution, more infromation click here.

What is a USB backpack?         

The USB backpack is just like your ordinary backpack with a bit of technological edge to it. These backpacks are fitted with USB ports and will allow you to charge your tech gadgets and listen to music while on the move.


What is their source of power?

The source of power for USB backpacks is the sun; solar power, free and available for most part of the day. With this, you can be sure to never stay out of touch and be able to work from anywhere.

Who are these backpacks designed for?

A USB backpack is not designed for any particular type of people. However, they are mostly bought by people who are fascinated by tech stuff, people who always carry along their gadgets; that is the laptops and phones and anyone else who is willing to purchase them.

What is the cost of these backpacks?

There are many brands in the market currently producing these bags and each brand will have a price tag that is different from the others. However, on average a USB backpack, regardless of the brand, will cost anywhere between $100 and $300.

What other features does the back pack have?

The features available for a certain backpack is dependent mostly on what the backpack is best suited for. There are those which are best suited for. There are backpacks best suited for city commuting, hiking and camping, outdoors and sporting, travelling across countries and those that are great for both work and play.

In each of these categories, there is always one distinguishing feature that will make it suitable for one function and not the other. Here are some of their specific features.

  • City commuting

This backpack is best suited for people who their work requires them to be always on the move and yet stay connected. They usually have an in-built USB charging port for your phone and a cable for your laptop. They also have a padded compartment for your laptop, hidden zippers and invisible pockets.

  • Hiking and camping

Backpacks suited for this activities often come with a solar pack that is placed at the back of you backpack so that it can charge during the day. This will ensure that at night you have enough power to charge your gadgets. Most come with a source of light that can be used as light signals in case of emergencies.

These backpacks are often built with a hard exterior cover which ensures that your stuff is safe even in case of an eventuality such as falling or incase it rains. Most are divided into several compartments which can hold other items such as food, drinks and clothes. Some even come with in-built Bluetooth speakers.

  • Travelling across countries

This category of backpacks is often quite fashionable. They normally have a solar charger to enable you keep your devices on throughout your travelling. A feature that makes them safest for traveling is their combination lock which locks all compartments of your bag. These bags also have secret pockets where you can store your credit cards and passports.

  • For both work and play

These bags are usually made with a taste of fashion and style. They are great for a transition from work of Friday to a weekend road-trip. They normally have enough space for you gadgets and clothes. They have in-built USB ports for charging your phone or tablet, camera and speaker and also a cable to charge your laptop.

Common Features

In all the various categories and brands available in the market, the USB backpack has certain things in common. Some of which are;

  • In-built USB cables for both phones and laptops
  • Have a power source which is solar charged
  • Padded compartments for laptops
  • Water resistant features.

What is the general market feel?

The modern day working class man or woman is continually using normal backpacks to carry their laptop, phone and work related documents. The backpack is preferred since it is convenient, spacious and easy to carry around than the briefcase.

The modern day backpacks are now more fashionable and stylish for either a casual or formal look. These backpacks are about to experience a major evolution especially with the invention of the USB backpack which is becoming the preferred option because of its advantages.