All About Spices and their History

It’s a little-known fact that spices actually have their health benefits to offer to people. In all spice varieties to find around the world, they encompass each health element and they are known to protect the body in many different ways. Among the significant ways that they protect the human body include resistance to infection, boost in immune system, reduced inflammation, improved heart health, healthy skin, improved metabolism process and detoxified body.

In addition to that, the body is more than capable of losing weight. For those who have no means of increasing their appetite, they could just rely more on spices. To strengthen the bones and to reduce stress, spices are indeed an important element to consider.

Among those people who have colds can be cured effectively. Their oral health is also further protected and their body hormones are balanced. There are simply a lot of benefits that can be obtained from spices when added on a food menu or a diet. Indeed, spices are significant in a sense that they are not just delicious but healthy.


Assorted powder spices in wooden spoons on wood.

Actually, spices are sourced out from dried forms of different fruits, roots, seeds, vegetable and bark around the world. They have their main use as a flavor or a color to foods. Of course, people are more aware of spices being an aesthetic addition. Without the spices, it is quite impossible to preserve foods and to eat them.

Spices are actually found in any parts of the world. They are a significant part of the culinary methodologies and procedures of specific cultures. Actually, they are quite different from herbs because of the fact that they are made from green and leafy plants.

With hundreds of choices of spices to find across continents and countries, only fifty to sixty are used in various countries. Anise Seed is originally used as a flavoring ingredient. This actually demonstrated specific antimicrobial properties that keep food items fresher and longer over a period of time. Thus, those who ate spices on a regular basis improve their health and well-being.

Spice trading is also a big part of the history of mankind. Upon the discovery of spices, their value and mobility were also established. They were among those in-demand products that are at the core of trading between countries. In other parts of the world, salt is considered to be more precious than gold due to the very same reason. There are traditional and medicinal styles of medicine that rely much on the use of spices. This is the very reason why they are in demand among people. The Middle East, China and India and all other parts of Africa were a part of the spice trade. The importance and tradition of spices will forever be a part of the global history.

4 herbs and spices

The impressive thing about spices is that when they are dried and prepared properly, they are expected to last for a lifetime. For as long as they do not get contaminated or wet, they will last for months or so. Since they are known to be very low in calorie ingredient and they are ground up in small forms, there is no need to expect for negative side effects.

Still, they contain organic compounds and proteins that are essential in tracing the amounts and in balancing much of the behavior of the body. Thus, spices provide such a big punch for overall well-being and health.

Now, you already have known more about spices and their history!