Zoological Wildlife Foundation in 2016

My friends know me. I love and protect animals fanatically. I live in Miami where I joined the Zoological Wildlife Foundation almost two years ago. I have heard about them in the news and after visiting them and getting some more detailed information about them I had no other choice than joining them. 🙂

What is the Zoological Wildlife Foundation?

They believe in prevention. We all know that nowadays lots of species are in danger because of the terrible animal killing tours or simply by minimizing their wildlife territory as huge industrial companies are exterminating the forests and their living environment around them.

According to Miami.about.com – Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an international organization with active and supporting members and activists. Their aim is to monitor the global situation of the known endangered species and to prepare a prevention program with the members.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation tiger cubs

Financials are almost as important as their activity itself. Of course the activists are working for free but there are cases where funds are needed to transfer medicines, professional staff and other necessary things for their on-site activities. For this reason Zoological Wildlife Foundation operates a Donation Program where anybody can participate in the prevention and wildlife saving programs.…